And The Defense Wins

Partner Gerard W. Cook of O’Halloran, Kosoff, Geitner & Cook LLC, Northbrook, Illinois, recently won a defense verdict after a two-week trial in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois (Urbana). In the case of Hopey v. Spear et al., the plaintiff sought $2.3 million in damages for a concussion, post-concussion syndrome and aggravation of pre-existing spinal disc conditions allegedly caused in a rear end motor vehicle accident by a deputy sheriff. The defense admitted negligence and no contributory negligence by the plaintiff, but denied the accident proximately caused any of the claimed damages. Plaintiff was a 58-year-old auditor/accountant who claimed he was permanently disabled from working. The trial included testimony from multiple physicians and biomechanical engineers, including a neurosurgeon on behalf of the defense, who was recently depicted in the Hollywood movie “Concussion.”

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