Public Entities

Public Entities

Governmental Liability

Representation of public entities (counties, townships, municipalities, school districts, park districts, etc.), public officials and employees, including:

  • Civil Rights claims, including: excessive force, false arrest, malicious prosecution, search and seizure, due process violations, prisoner claims (conditions of confinement, inadequate medical care, etc.), high-speed pursuits, and jail suicides.
  • Wrongful death and injury claims, including: emergency medical services (911) claims, assault and battery, and claims arising out of the operation of motor vehicles.
  • Compliance with state and federal laws regarding governance, including the Open Meetings Act.

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Employment Practices

Representation of public entities, public officials and employees in matters pending in state and federal court, EEOC, IL Human Rights Commission, IL Department of Human Rights and Cook County Commission on Human Rights, including:

  • Claims Avoidance, including: review of employee handbooks, development of employment policies, training on and compliance with state and federal employment laws, and counsel on human resources issues.
  • Employment Discrimination claims, including: gender, age, race, national origin, religion and disability discrimination, and claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family Medical Leave Act and the IL Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act.
  • Other Employment Practices Claims, including: wrongful or retaliatory discharge, defamation, First Amendment violations and due process claims.

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